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Françoise Morato
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Françoise Morato-Lallemand is assistant professorat Université Montpellier II.She has performed a PhD in solid chemistry and materials science in the group of Prof. Robert Fourcade in Montpellier. Subject of the PhD in collaboration with “Franco Belge de Fabrication des combustibles” and “COGEMA” was the structural study by XRD of different intermediates nuclear fuel products.
She is presently working on different topics related to active electrode materials for Li-ion batteries (intermetallic phases and transition oxides):Synthesis of nanoparticles by microwave route, Investigation of their physical properties usingthermogravimetry (TG), and variable temperature X-ray diffraction (XRD) under controlled atmosphere. Coupling of the XRD data,withTG analysisconstitutes a research area allowing to verify thermal stability of the materials and to propose chemical reaction mechanism.

  • Fundamentals inorganic chemistry - First and second semester of the FirstYearUndergraduate Program
  • Chemical applications of Group TheoryforIR, Raman and electronic spectroscopy ; construction of MO energy diagrams on the basis of molecular symmetry
  • Contribution in creation ‘L3 prépa DNO’ with the aim of training well prepared technicians in the vinicultural field to provide them a fundamental academic scientific prerequisites necessary for admission to the official Master’s Degree in Oenology

Thème de Recherche

  • Inorganic materials characterization (XRD, In situ XRD measurements, TG…)
  • Synthesis of electrode materials
  • Microwave synthesis

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  • C M. Ionica, L. Aldon, P E. Lippens, F. Morato, J. Olivier-Fourcade and J C. Jumas
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    Hyperfine Interact. 2004, 156, 555-561
  • R L. Goswamee, F. Bosc, D. Cot, A. EL Mansouri, M. Lopez, F. Morato and A. Ayral
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  • B. Coq, F. Medina, D. Tichit and A. Morato
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  • F. Robert, F. Morato, J. Chouvin, L. Aldon, P E. Lippens, J. Olivier-Fourcade, J C. Jumas, B. Simon and P. Biensan
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  • A. Morato, F. Medina, J E. Sueiras, Y. Cesteros, P. Salagre, Louis-Charles De Menorval, D. Tichit and B. Coq
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  • A. Morato, C. Alonso, F. Medina, Y. Cesteros, P. Salagre, J E. Sueiras, D. Tichit and B. Coq
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    KMg1-xPdxF3 with perovskite-like structures as precursors for the catalytic hydroconversion of CCl2F2 and CHClF2,
    Catal. Lett. 2001, 77, 141-146

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