Séminaire du Professeur Ivana Matanovic - Université de New Mexico (Etats-Unis)

Date: 2018-03-21 10:00

Lieu: bibliothèque AIME, 1er étage, bât 15

Ivana Matanovic is Research Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering at University of New Mexico (USA) since 2012. She is expert in computational design of novel materials and processes for efficient and cost-effective energy storage and conversion and calculation of spectroscopic properties of surface bound species.    

Linking computational approaches and experiments in the design of materials for energy applications
Several examples will be used to illustrate how computational tools can be used in concert with experimental approaches to explore various aspects in the design of both platinum group materials and non-platinum group materials for fuel cell applications. This will include the capabilities of density functional theory approach to i) model structure of, and catalytic processes on different catalytic materials ii) describe catalyst-ionomer interactions, and iii) provide a support for spectroscopic measurements of surface phenomena. Furthermore, I will show how docking simulations and first principles calculations can be combined with experimental approaches for a rational design of electrode surface modifications for biofuel cells and biosensors.     

Pour tout renseignement, contactez Frédéric Jaouen (frederic.jaouen@umontpellier.fr)




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  • 2018-03-21 10:00

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