Presentation of the department of Solid State and Divided Matter Chemistry

The department of Solid State and Divided Matter Chemistry is composed of 39 researcher fellows and lecturers/professors, 10 engineers and technicians and 5 managers. Its activities are to develop research in the field of solid state and materials science. The scientific field of this department extends from massive materials to thin films, materials of high surface area and interfaces.

The scientific activity of the AIME team is at the convergence of competences in the synthesis and the elaboration of materials with controlled architectures and functionalities, and in chemistry and physico-chemistry of interfaces, associated with methodological and experimental approaches applied to the fields of energy conversion and storage, environmental remediation and decontamination. The research is focused on two objectives: electronic and ionic transfer, materials for energy storage and conversion, and energy and material transfers at interfaces.

The research program of the C2M team focuses on phase transformations, synthesis and design of functional materials. Their activities are based on methods and tools developed within the Balard technical platform for structural studies and on the use of large instruments (synchrotron and neutrons) at a national and an international level. The approaches are experimental (fabrication and structuring of materials), applied (design of components), fundamental and theoretical (structure- property relationships, computational modeling).

The ChV team contributes to the development and characterization of chalcogenide materials. These materials, crystallized or vitreous, massive or as thin films, find their applications in the fields of energy (with particular reference to solid state ionics), integrated IR optics and storage of information.



Agrégats, Interfaces et Matériaux pour l’Energie

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