ChV Equipments

Elaboration equipments

The ChV team is equipped with different synthesis furnaces.
The ChV team is equipped with different glove-boxes.
The team is equipped with a twin-roller quenching set-up in glove box.
Recently, the team was equipped with a set-up of mecano-synthsesis which is in glove-box.
Film deposition and etching set-up :
  • an ALCATEL set-up for both thermal evaporation and RF-sputtering
  • a PLASSYS MEB500 set-up of thermal co-evaporation thermique, with three independant sources: two current induced heated sources and an electron beam evaporator
  • The team is also equipped with a set-up of ion beam etching since 2011

Caracterisation equipments

The team ChV is equipped with a UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer (CARY 5000), allowing the obtaining of transmission spectra in the [150 - 3300 nm] spectral range.

The team is equipped with a conductivity cell

ICGM technical platforms

The group "Chalcogenide materials and Glasses" widely uses the equipments of the technical platforms of the Institut Charles Gehrardt of Montpellier ; in particular :

University common services

The team regularly use the common research services of the University Montpellier II ; in particular :

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