Glasses and thermoelectricity

Thermoelectric materials are generally good conductive crystallized materials whose thermal conductivity must be "damaged". Our project on the opposite (to be validated!) assumes that a glass or a glass-ceramic which are bad conductive materials, may become good thermo-elements if we manage to improve their electrical conductivity.

It is on this assumption that we have built a project with four other partners (ICMPE-Paris, IJL-Nancy, GEMH-Limoges and ITN-Portugal). We have worked in this project supported by ANR (VTG project) by our ability to produce chalcogenide glasses containing metals (Ag, Cu) and our competence in the field of conductive glasses. Our goal was to identify and characterize tellurides supposed to be able to become good thermo-elements around room temperature by "doping" or partial crystallization.

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