Nanostructured chalcogenides

We are mainly Solid State Chemists and even though the team is clearly identified at the interface with Physics, we know that one of our strengths lies in our ability to produce new materials that can hardly be produced by others. Apart from the production of amorphous thick films, we would like to explore another aspect of chalcogenide elaboration: the preparation of nanostructured chalcogenides by the liquid route.

The aim is to prepare new chalcogenide materials but also to control their structuration by the addition of ionic liquids or polymers. Such materials which are the homologous of the worldwide produced porous oxides should have specific properties due to the much higher polarizability of the chalcogens as compared to oxygen. Several applications could be proposed for these new materials, such as the manufacturing of membranes for selective gas separation, the realization of new electrolytes,… Only one group in the United States has the mastery of such elaboration. Our group is probably the most well placed in France to enter the competition by being both experts in solid state elaboration of chalcogenide materials and working in an Institute where synthesis of porous materials is mastered.

Furthermore, the influence of the structuration of chalcogenide nanoparticles by ionic liquids or polymers on their catalytic activity are also performed. Preliminary results on NiMoS materials prepared with polymers revealed higher catalytic activities than those of commercial catalysts.

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