Metal complexes and molecular (nano)materials

The synthesis of metal complexes and molecular (nano)materials, as well as their integration in hybrid composite materials, are important research topics of the group, which are recognized at the national and international levels. These topics are developed to address societal issues in the fields of decontamination of radioactive elements, conversion of solar energy, and medical imaging.

The sound expertise of the team in nano-structuration favors the development of these topics, not only for the synthesis of devices based on cyano-bridged coordination polymers, but also for the preparation of photoactive molecules and (nano)materials involving pi-conjugated molecules like porphyrins..

Main research topics

  • Multifunctional cyano-bridged molecular materials : Materials based on Prussian blues and their analogues are developed at the nanometric level. They are used either in solution or within nanocomposites, in view of controlling their magnetic, optical, and sorption properties.

  • Photoactive molecules and (nano)materials : This research aims at the synthesis and molecular engineering of molecular and macromolecular photoactive objects, and their integration in devices for converting solar energy. It fits in both the development of new materials based on macrocycles (porphyrins) and / or heterocycles (thiophene) and in the development of nanostructured objects based on these macrocycles and / or heterocycles by self-assembly.

  • Molecular and hybrid materials based on boronate and benzoxaborolate ligands : . This activity concerns the study of the coordination chemistry of boronate and benzoxaborolate ligands, and their use in the preparation of coordination polymers and hybrid materials.


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