Metal, metalloid and oxide nanoparticles

An important diversity of nano-objects are prepared within the IMNO team, the most recognized at the international level being (i) mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSN), (ii) metal and oxide nanoparticles, (iii) porous silicon nanoparticles.

More recently, the design of mixed nano-heterostructures and periodic mesoporous organosilica (PMO) nanoparticles has attracted much attention, in view of developing novel nanovectors for the delivery of drug molecules.

Selection of recent research topics developed

  • Mixed nanoheterostructures : The objective is to develop nanoscale multifunctional core-shell, onion or Janus heterostructures combining coordination polymers with other materials such as metal nanoparticles, metal oxides, etc.

  • New nanocarriers for the delivery of therapeutic species : This activity concerns notably the development of periodic mesoporous organo-silica nanoparticles for gene delivery, and of water-soluble gold nanoparticles for the delivery of cytotoxic carbene complexes

Research activities in this theme are almost exclusively oriented towards the biomedical field, with applications in magnetic resonance imaging, magnetically induced hyperthermia, mono- and bi-photonics photodynamic therapy and drug delivery.


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