Protect your devices

A poorly protected workstation can jeopardize not only the information that is processed on the workstation itself, but also the systems to which it connects. Once hacked, it can become a gateway to more sensitive systems when a spyware could be installed without the knowledge of the user. The IT support team is mandated by the Unit Manager to enforce technical measures related to security regulations.

The behavior of the user of this workstation is essential, if ihe applies the basic rules of security, he will reinforce the security of this post and all the systems to which it connects or, on the contrary, he does not observe these rules, he will facilitate the work of pirates and undermine the efforts of the entire working community.

The Unit Director is responsible for the security of the information systems of his unit, he is responsible for making known and enforcing the security regulations (security policies, charters, rules) promulgated by the supervision on which he depends.

It is essential that the basic security rules are known and implemented by the IT team and users, they are based on:

  • The technical protection of the workstation
  • Systematic backup of data
  • Configuration controlled and updated regularly
  • Encryption of storage media (nomadic posts, keys, disks, etc.)
  • Smart behavior of the user
  • Protection of his workstation against stole and illegitimate access
  • Robust and personal passwords
  • Careful attitude towards removable data media (USB keys, etc.)
  • Cautious use of the Internet (downloads, use of online services)
  • Careful attitude towards messages received
  • Alert safety's  technical managers in case of abnormal event

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