MACS Equipments


  • Agitated reactors with sampling system volume up to 4 liters
  • System multi-engine turbojet Parr 5000
  • controlled atmosphere Roasting ovens
  • Microbiological safety post
  • Freezer -80 ° C

  • Atomizer Buchi B-290 with an inert loop
  • Freeze dryer (power dry LL3000, Heto)
  • Liposomes Extruder (1.5 ml, 10 ml, LipexTM)
  • Microfluidic devices and setups
  • Supercritical dryer Polaron
  • System of EMI electropulling
  • Sensors and ultrasonic tanks

Materials for Characterization

Measuring the catalytic activity
  • Build catalytic fixed bed reactor furnace compounds, supply and exhaust gas analysis system (GC or MS)
  • CSTR: continuous stirred reactor with input system and analysis

Spectroscopy measurements
  • UV-visible absorption: transmission, diffuse reflection (DRUV) and in situ detection with optical fiber (Ava Light - DHS, Avantes)
  • UV-visible Fluorescence: geometries with thermostatically controlled devices
  • Absorption IR: transmission, diffuse reflection (DRIFT) and attenuated total reflection (ATR)

Materials and surfaces
  • Spectroscope for atomic absorption Varian Spectra220
  • Optical polarized light microscope equipped with a numerical camera
  • DRX: diffractometer Bruker D8 powder
  • DLS: size analysis by light scattering
  • Tensiometer (K100, Krüss)
  • Malvern Zetasizer NanoZS
  • SPR Bench (Surface Plasma Resonance)
  • Quartz microbalance with dissipation measurement (QCM-D)
  • Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Malvern

Adsorption and Desorption
  • Volumetric adsorption systems Micromeritics Tristar and ASAP
  • Controlled temperature chemisorption system
  • TPD: temperature controlled desorption system
  • TPR: controlled temperature reduction system
  • Adsorption Built with calorimeter and IR spectroscope
  • Differential calorimeter DSC 7 Perkin Elmer
  • Perkin-Elmer STA6000 thermobalances with analysis of the gas phase by infrared spectrometer
  • Adsorption Thermobalance
  • Thermobalance coupled calorimeter DSC111 Setaram
  • Thermobalance coupled to UV spectrometer

Dissolution tests
  • Cells continuous flow for solid USP 4 on dissolution tests divided nano-, micro-particulate and monolithic (equipped with pumping systems) (CE1, EC7) (SOTAX)
  • Dissolutest USP 1 monoliths, tablets and particles (SOTAX)
  • HPLC chromatographs

Cells culture room level 1 equipped with:
  • CO2 Incubator for animal cell culture
  • Laminar flow hood type PSM2
  • Fluorescence microscope Evos
  • Multiskan plate spectrophotometer

Service commun Université Montpellier

L'’équipe MACS utilise quotidiennement les équipements de la "Plateforme d’Analyse et de Caractérisation" (PAC) du Pôle Balard.

Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier - Direction

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