Carbon-based materials

Carbon-based materials have attracted much attention owing to their unique combination of physical and chemical properties (electronic conductivity, optical properties …) making them useful in a wide number of technologies. In this context, our group is interested in developing new synthetic routes, in the structuration and characterization of  molecules or macromolecules (Pi-conjugated polymers) and of carbonaceous materials (nanotubes, porous carbon…) for applications in energy storage and conversion (batteries, biocells, solar cells, OLEDs…) in health (sensors).

As the efficiency of such devices depends on both morphology and optoelectronic properties, simultaneous control of these two parameters is crucial to improve their performances. To reach such a control, we use molecular, macromolecular, or crystal engineering to tune conformation, orientation or dimensionality of molecules and polymers and the structuration of carbonaceous materials. The use of bio-based precursors (polysaccharides, tannins) for the synthesis of durable carbonaceous materials and carbon-oxide nanocomposites is also an important topic in our group.

Main research activities

  • Mmolecular, macromolecular, or crystal engineering of Pi-conjugated systems : siloles, polythiophenes, polydiacetylenes, polyfluorenes…
  • Conception of active materials for solar cells, OLEDs, sensors
  • Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to porous carbons: hydrothermal/ionothermal carbonization, chemical activation, pyrolysis
  • Carbons and colloids : nanocarbon-(bio)polymer colloidal suspensions, Pickering emulsions, carbonaceous hydrogels, cryogels and aerogels

Selected publications

Collaborations (outside ICGM)

  • Dr.Cyril Poriel, Dr. Joëlle Rault-Berthelot (Université de Rennes 1)
  • Pr. Philippe Dubois, Pr. Roberto Lazzaroni, Dr. Mathieu Surin (Université de Mons, Belgique)
  • Dr. Rachel C. Evans (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Dr. Lionel Hirsch (Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système, Bordeaux)
  • Dr. Johann Bouclé (Université de Limoges)
  • Pr. Wouter Maes (Université d’Hasselt, Belgique)
  • Dr. Sophie Tingry (IEM, Montpellier)
  • Pr. Eric Dubreucq, Dr. Jullien Drone (IATE, Montpellier)


UM, CNRS, LABEX Chemisyst, Europe (Porous4App).


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