Research Federation


The Research Federation "Chemistry Balard" FR 3105 currently comprises five chemistry institutes and laboratories: Institute for Biomolecules Max Mousseron (IBMM : UMR 5247 UM/CNRS/ENSCM), Institute for Molecular Chemistry and Materials (ICGM : UMR 5253 UM/ENSCM/CNRS), European Institute for Membranes (IEM : UMR 5635 ENSCM/UM/CNRS), the Institute for Separations Chemistry at Marcoule (ICSM : UMR 5257 CEA/CNRS/UM), forming the Pôle chimie Balard and the Laboratory for Synthesis and Functionalisation of Ceramics (LSFC : UMR 3080 CNRS/Saint-Gobain).

These laboratories and Institutes house 530 permanent staff members (researchers, academic staff, engineers, technicians and administrative staff) and 380 doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and visitors. The role of the Federation is to implement research policy throughout the Pôle chimie Balard.

Recognized scientific and technical expertise

The Federation is anchored on the long-recognised strengths of the Institutes of the Pôle chimie Balard in molecular and synthetic chemistry applied to biomolecules as well as materials. The Institutes are acknowledged nationally and internationally for their expertise in the areas of the elaboration, of control of texture, architecture and form of materials having specific properties, competence in modelling and physical chemistry with applications ranging from targeted novel molecules, biomaterials and energy materials to study of chemical reactivity.

The ambitions of the Federation are :

  • to amplify the know-how and resources dedicated to the strategic research orientations of the Pôle chimie Balard: Materials for energy and energy vectors, Sustainable exploitation of natural resources and chemical processes, Health and well-being of Man
  • to contribute to the scientific life of the chemistry research community and underpin the emergence of new thematic research areas
  • and to reinforce collaboration and promote opportunities for integrative collaboration within the Balard scientific.


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