The Sÿnia project, led by Sylvain Caillol of the Chemistry and Macromolecular Materials department (D2) at the Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier (ICGM), has just been awarded the Prix Carnot 2023 in the “Research in partnership with an SME” category.

Sÿnia produces embossed adhesive labels (doming) used for information protection, traceability and fragrance release, for marketing and communication purposes.

For several months now, Sylvain Caillol and Julien Pinaud, ICGM members involved in this project, have been working in partnership with Sÿnia to develop a biosourced resin that is revolutionizing the world of doming. From now on, doming will no longer be made from fossil raw materials, but from plant-based materials made from 100% biobased materials, thus considerably reducing its environmental impact. After two patents and an industrialized formulation, the Sÿnia project team is now working on a formulation to make its resin recyclable or biodegradable.

The Carnot Prize will be awarded to the players involved in the Sÿnia project at the official Rendez-vous Carnot ceremony on October 18, 2023 in Lyon. With this prize, the Sÿnia project is also in the running for the Grand Prix Carnot de la recherche partenariale, which will reward a partnership research project contributing to technological sovereignty. This Grand Prix will be awarded to one of the four winners of the Prize.

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The Sÿnia project, winner of the Prix Carnot 2023