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  • Alessandro Gualtieri, Simone Ferrari, Ermanno Galli, Francesco Di Renzo and Wouter Van Beek
    Rietveld structure refinement of zeolite ECR-1,
    Chem. Mater. 2006, 18, 76-84
  • Michel Boissière, Audrey Tourrette, Jean-Marie Devoisselle, Francesco Di Renzo and Françoise Quignard
    Pillaring effects in macroporous carrageenan-silica composite microspheres,
    J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2006, 294, 109-116
  • Benoit Coasne, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo and R. J. M. Pellenq
    Gas Adsorption in Mesoporous Micelle-Templated Silicas, MCM-41, MCM-48, and SBA-15,
    Langmuir 2006, 22, 11097
  • A. Galarneau, J. Iapichella, K. Bonhomme, F. DiRenzo, P. Kooyman, O. Terasaki and F. Fajula
    Controlling the Morphology of Mesostructured Silicas by Pseudomorphic Transformation:, a Route Towards Applications,
    Adv. Funct. Mater. 2006, 16, 1657-1667
  • B. Bonelli, B. Onida, J D. Chen, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula, B. Fubini and E. Garrone
    Characterisation of Al-rich microporous micelle-templated silicates. Part II, Spectroscopic and microcalorimetric study of the accessibility of exchanged alkali-cations to carbon dioxide,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2006, 87, 170-176
  • R. Valentin, R. Horga, B. Bonelli, E. Garrone, F. Di Renzo and F. Quignard
    FTIR spectroscopy of NH3 on acidic and ionotropic alginate aerogels,
    Biomacromolecules 2006, 7, 877-882
  • M L G. Castillo, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula and J. Bousquet
    Crystallization kinetics of zeolite omega, the synthetic analog of mazzite,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2006, 90, 221-228
  • S. Pariente, P. Trens, F. Fajula, F. Di Renzo and N. Tanchoux
    Heterogeneous catalysis and confinement effects - The isomerization of 1-hexene on MCM-41 materials,
    Appl. Catal. A-Gen. 2006, 307, 51-57
  • F. Quignard, D. Cot, F. Di Renzo and C. Gerardin
    Core-shell copper hydroxide-polysaccharide composites with hierarchical macroporosity,
    Progress in Solid State Chemistry 2006, 34, 161-169
  • B. Lefevre, A. Galarneau, J. Iapichella, C. Petitto, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula, Z. Bayram-Hahn, R. Skudas and K. Unger
    Synthesis of large-pore mesostructured micelle-templated silicas as discrete spheres,
    Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 601-607
  • C. Petitto, A. Galarneau, M F. Driole, B. Chiche, B. Alonso, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Synthesis of discrete micrometer-sized spherical particles of MCM-48,
    Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 2120-2130
  • R. Valentin, K. Molvinger, F. Quignard and F. Di Renzo
    Methods to analyse the texture of alginate aerogel microspheres,
    Macromol. Symp. 2005, 222, 93-101
  • F. Fajula, A. Galarneau and F. Di Renzo
    Advanced porous materials, New developments and emerging trends,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2005, 82, 227-239
  • P. Trens, N. Tanchoux, A. Galarneau, D. Brunel, B. Fubini, E. Garrone, F. Fajula and F. Di Renzo
    A macrothermodynamic approach to the limit of reversible capillary condensation,
    Langmuir 2005, 21, 8560-8564
  • F. Di Renzo, R. Valentin, M. Boissiere, A. Tourrette, G. Sparapano, K. Molvinger, J M. Devoisselle, C. Gerardin and F. Quignard
    Hierarchical macroporosity induced by constrained syneresis in core-shell polysaccharide composites,
    Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 4693-4699
  • R. Valentin, R. Horga, B. Bonelli, E. Garrone, F. Di Renzo and F. Quignard
    Acidity of alginate aerogels studied by FTIR spectroscopy of probe molecules,
    Macromol. Symp. 2005, 230, 71-77
  • B. Bonelli, B. Onida, J D. Chen, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula and E. Garrone
    Spectroscopic characterisation of the strength and stability of the acidic sites of Al-rich microporous micelle-templated silicates,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2004, 67, 95-106
  • T. Martin, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo, D. Brunel, F. Fajula, S. Heinisch, G. Cretier and J L. Rocca
    Great improvement of chromatographic performance using MCM-41 spheres as stationary phase in HPLC,
    Chem. Mater. 2004, 16, 1725-1731
  • P. Trens, N. Tanchoux, D. Maldonado, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Study of n-hexane adsorption in MCM-41 mesoporous materials, a scaling effect approach of capillary condensation processes,
    New J. Chem. 2004, 28, 874-879
  • M F. Ottaviani, A. Moscatelli, D. Desplantier-Giscard, F. Di Renzo, P J. Kooyman, B. Alonso and A. Galarneau
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  • N. Tanchoux, P. Trens, D. Maldonado, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
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    Colloids and Surfaces a-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2004, 246, 1-8
  • A. Moscatelli, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo and M F. Ottaviani
    Hosting ability of mesoporous micelle-templated silicas toward organic molecules of different polarity,
    J. Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 18580-18589
  • A. Galarneau, N. Cambon, F. Di Renzo, R. Ryoo, M. Choi and F. Fajula
    Microporosity and connections between pores in SBA-15 mesostructured silicas as a function of the temperature of synthesis,
    New J. Chem. 2003, 27, 73-79
  • F. Hamidi, A. Bengueddach, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Control of crystal size and morphology of mordenite,
    Catal. Lett. 2003, 87, 149-152
  • F. Di Renzo, N. Dumont, P. Trens and Z. Gabelica
    Growth kinetics and H-shaped crystals of SAPO-40,
    J. Cryst. Growth 2003, 259, 160-164
  • N S. Nesterenko, O A. Ponomoreva, V V. Yuschenko, Ivanova II, F. Testa, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene and isobutane over Ga- and Fe-containing mesoporous,
    Appl. Catal. A-Gen. 2003, 254, 261-272
  • F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Special issue, Catalysis by mesoporous materials - Preface,
    Appl. Catal. A-Gen. 2003, 254, 171-171
  • D. Desplantier-Giscard, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Mechanical strength of nanosized hexagonal silica honeycombs,
    Materials Science & Engineering C-Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems 2003, 23, 727-732
  • T. Martin, B. Lefevre, D. Brunel, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula, P F. Gobin, J F. Quinson and G. Vigier
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    Chem. Commun. 200224-25
  • C. Bebon, D. Colson, B. Marrot, J P. Klein and F. Di Renzo
    Synthesis of zeolites, study and application of a new process of homogeneous shaking out of the medium to minimize the shear rate during the crystallization,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2002, 53, 13-20
  • T. Martin, A. Galarneau, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula and D. Plee
    Morphological control of MCM-41 by pseudomorphic synthesis,
    Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2002, 41, 2590-+
  • F. Fajula and F. Di Renzo
    Control of porosity, from micro to mesopores,
    Actual Chim. 2002101-105
  • F. Di Renzo, D. Desplantier, A. Galarneau and F. Fajula
    Micelle templating for the formulation of silica at the nanometer scale,
    Catal. Today 2001, 66, 75-79
  • L. Pasqua, F. Testa, R. Aiello, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Influence of pH and nature of the anion on the synthesis of pure and iron-containing mesoporous silica,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2001, 44, 111-117
  • M F. Ottaviani, A. Galarneau, D. Desplantier-Giscard, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
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    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2001, 44, 1-8
  • E N. Coker, J C. Jansen, F. DiRenzo, F. Fajula, J A. Martens, P A. Jacobs and A. Sacco
    Zeolite ZSM-5 synthesized in space, catalysts with reduced external surface activity,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2001, 46, 223-236
  • A. Galarneau, D. Desplantier-Giscard, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    Thermal and mechanical stability of micelle-templated silica supports for catalysis,
    Catal. Today 2001, 68, 191-200
  • F. Geobaldo, B. Onida, P. Rivolo, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula and E. Garrone
    Nature and reactivity of Co species in a cobalt-containing beta zeolite, an FTIR study,
    Catal. Today 2001, 70, 107-119
  • A. Galarneau, H. Cambon, F. Di Renzo and F. Fajula
    True microporosity and surface area of mesoporous SBA-15 silicas as a function of synthesis temperature,
    Langmuir 2001, 17, 8328-8335
  • A. Abdoulaye, J V. Zanchetta, F. Di Renzo, J C. Giuntini, J. Vanderschueren and G. Chabanis
    Dielectric properties of faujasites, comparison between types X and Y during dehydration,
    Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 2000, 34, 317-325
  • M. Pamba, G. Maurin, S. Devautour, J. Vanderschueren, J C. Giuntini, F. Di Renzo and F. Hamidi
    Influence of framework Si/Al ratio on the Na+/mordenite interaction energy,
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2000, 2, 2027-2031
  • I. Fenoglio, A. Croce, F. Di Renzo, R. Tiozzo and B. Fubini
    Pure-silica zeolites (porosils) as model solids for the evaluation of the physicochemical features determining silica toxicity to macrophages,
    Chemical Research in Toxicology 2000, 13, 489-500
  • D. Brunel, A. Cauvel, F. Di Renzo, F. Fajula, B. Fubini, B. Onida and E. Garrone
    Preferential grafting of alkoxysilane coupling agents on the hydrophobic portion of the surface of micelle-templated silica,
    New J. Chem. 2000, 24, 807-813
  • I. Fenoglio, B. Fubini, R. Tiozzo and F. Di Renzo
    Effect of micromorphology and surface reactivity of several unusual forms of crystalline silica on the toxicity to a monocyte-macrophage tumor cell line,
    Inhalation Toxicology 2000, 12, 81-89

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