Chapitres d'ouvrages IAM

Année 2018
  • Renaud De Richter, Sylvain Caillol and Tingzhen Ming
    Geoengineering: Sunlight reflection methods and negative emissions technologies for greenhouse gas removal,
    Managing Global Warming -- An interface of technology and human issues,

    Éditions Trevor M. Letcher,
    , 2018.
Année 2017
  • Pierre J. Lutz, Bruno Ameduri and Frédéric Peruch
    Telechelic Polyethers by Living Polymerizations and Precise Macromolecular Engineering,
    Handbook of Telechelic Polyesters, Polycarbonates, and Polyethers,

    Éditions Sophie M. Guillaume,
    , 2017.
  • Georges Kostov and Bruno Ameduri
    Telomerisation Reaction of 3,3,3-Trifluoropropene,
    Modern Synthesis Processes and Reactivity of Fluorinated Compounds,

    Éditions Henri Groult, Frédéric R. Leroux, Alain Tressaud,
    , 2017.
  • Sylvain Caillol, Bernard Boutevin and Jean-Pierre Pascault
    Biosourced Epoxy Resins,

    Handbook of Adhesive Technology,

    Éditions Antonio Pizzi, Kashmiri L. Mittal,
    , 2017.
  • Sanjib Banerjee, Arindam Chakrabarty, Nikhil K. Singha and Bruno Ameduri
    Recent Advances in the Reversible Deactivation Radical (Co)Polymerisation of Fluorinated Alkenes/Acrylates/ Methacrylates/Styrenes,
    Functional Polymers by Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerisation: Synthesis and Applications,

    Éditions Nikhil K. Singha, Jimmy W. Mays,
    , 2017.
  • Bruno Ameduri
    (Co)polymères Fluorés: synthèse, propriétés et applications,
    Matières Plastiques: propriétés, mise en forme et applications industrielles des matériaux polymères,

    Éditions Marc Carega, Vincent Verney,
    , 2017.
Année 2016
  • Mona Semsarilar, Irene Canton and Vincent Ladmiral
    Galactosylated Polymer Nano-objects by Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly, Potential Drug Nanocarriers.,

    Éditions Xue-Long Sun,
    , 2016.
  • François Porzio, Étienne Cuierrier, Alexandre Fleury, Bruno Ameduri and Armand Soldera
    Molecular Simulation of Fluorinated Telomer and Polymers,
    Fluorinated Polymers: Volume 1: Synthesis, Properties, Processing and Simulation,

    Éditions Bruno Ameduri, Hideo Sawada,
    , 2016.
  • Bruno Ameduri
    Chlorotrifluoroethylene Copolymers for Energy-applied Materials,
    Fluorinated Polymers: Volume 2: Applications,

    Éditions Bruno Ameduri, Hideo Sawada,
    , 2016.
  • Bruno Ameduri and Hideo Sawada
    Fluorinated Polymers: Volume 2: Applications,
    Journal non précisé,
    , 2016.
  • Bruno Ameduri and Hideo Sawada
    Fluorinated Polymers: Volume 1: Synthesis, Properties, Processing and Simulation,
    Journal non précisé,
    , 2016.
Année 2015
  • Jérôme Warnant, Jérôme Garnier, Alex Van Herk, Pierre-Emmanuel Dufils, Jérôme Vinas and Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes
    Synthesis of Complexing Copolymers by RAFT and Their Use in Emulsion Polymerization To Prepare CeO2/Polymer Hybrid Latexes,
    Controlled Radical Polymerization: Materials,

    Éditions Krzysztof Matyjaszewsk, Brent S. Sumerlin, Nicolay V. Tsarevsky, John Chiefari,
    , 2015.
  • Benjamin Campagne, Ghislain David and B. Ameduri
    Recent advances in quasi-anhydroups for fuel cell membranes,
    Advanced Fluoride-Based Materials for Energy Conversion,

    Éditions Tsuyoshi Nakajima, Henri Groult,
    , 2015.
Année 2014
Année 2013
  • Sylvain Caillol
    Life Cycle Assessment And Ecodesign, Innovation Tools For A Sustainable And Industrial Chemistry,

    The Philosophy of Chemistry: Practices, Methodologies, and Concepts,
    , 2013.
  • Bernard Boutevin, Rémi Auvergne and Ghislain David
    Thiol-ene radical coupling, a powerful technique for the synthesis of polymer precursors, block copolymers and graft copolymers,
    Thiol-X chemistries in Polymer and Materials Science,
    , 2013.
  • Bruno Ameduri
    Synthesis of Original Fluoromonomers and Their Radical Copolymerization with Vinylidene Fluoride,
    Efficient Preparation of Fluorine Compounds, First Edition.,

    Éditions John Wiley, Inc Sons,
    , 2013.
Année 2012
Année 2011
  • Sylvain Caillol
    L'analyse de cycle de vie et l'écoconception, outils d'innovation pour une chimie industrielle soutenable,
    Le génie des procédés et l'entreprise,

    Éditions Hermes,
    , 2011.
  • Sylvain Caillol
    Les résines époxy biosourcées,
    Les Techniques de l'Ingénieur,
    , 2011.
  • Sylvain Caillol
    L'écoconception, un outil d'innovation pour une chimie durable,
    Techniques de l'Ingénieur,
    , 2011.
Année 2010
Année 2009
Année 2008
Année 2007
  • Ghislain David, B. Boutevin, Cyrille Boyer and Pierre Lutz
    Synthesis of Macromonomers and Telechelic Oligomers by Living Polymerizations,
    Macromolecular Engineering. Precise Synthesis, Materials Properties, Applications,

    Éditions K. Matyjaszewski Y. Gnanou, L. Leibler,
    , 2007.
  • Eric Cloutet and Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes
    Polymerizations in supercritical fluids,
    Supercritical Fluids & Materials,

    Éditions Fouassier O. C. Aymonier F. Cansell,
    , 2007.
  • Bernadette Charleux and Francois Ganachaud
    Polymerization in Aqueous Dispersed Media,
    Macromolecular Engineering : Precise Synthesis, Materials Properties and Applications,

    Éditions Leibler L. K. Matyjaszewski Y. Gnanou,
    , 2007.
Année 2006
  • Jeff Tonnar, Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes and Bernard Boutevin
    Living Radical Ab Initio Emulsion Polymerization of n-Butyl Acrylate by Reverse Iodine Transfer Polymerization,
    Volume 944-619
    Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization,

    Éditions Krzysztof Matyjaszewski,
    , 2006.
  • Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes
    Polymérisations en milieu fluide supercritique,
    Les latex synthétiques: élaboration et applications,

    Éditions Ch Pichot J.-C. Daniel,
    , 2006.
  • Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes
    Polymérisation en dispersion,
    Les latex synthétiques: élaboration et applications,

    Éditions Ch Pichot J.-C. Daniel,
    , 2006.
  • Francois Ganachaud
    Polymérisation Ionique en Dispersion Aqueuse,
    Les Latex Synthétiques : Elaboration et Applications,

    Éditions Daniel J C. C. Pichot,
    , 2006.
Année 2003
Année 2000

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