Polymères et composites issus de ressources renouvelables

This topic « Polymers and composites from renewable resources » started in 2007 and is now one of the main scientific topics of the team. Our team is internationally recognized in biobased polymer chemistry with differing expertise and international collaborations.

This topic is structured on the development of new building blocks through the functionalization of renewable resources. Hence, our team develops a strong knowledge on the synthesis, the functionalization, the polymerization and the physico-chemical characterization of safer functional monomers, additives, polymers and composites.

  • Synthesis of new biobased and safer building blocks and monomers
  • From molecule synthesis to formulation and characterization of materials

Green Chemistry and Polymers

Our works are focused on the valorization of vegetable oils, natural phenols and polysaccharides, with a differentiating and innovative approach in order to propose either scientific studies from laboratory scale to industrial concrete solutions. They are the sources of many scientific papers, patents and conferences. Our developments apply to different application fields such as transportations (automotive, railway, marine or aircraft industry), sports and leisure, electrical engineering, health and medecine, building...


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