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Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
ARSENIA Laura Platform for supramolecular assemblies of synthetic copolymers promoting hydrogen bonds ADMIRAL Vincent 26/09/2022
BLILID Sarah From waste to nano-structured materials, bio-based polysaccharides and metal ions BELAMIE Emmanuel 04/06/2022
BOY Imen Evaluation of the mechanical behaviour of particulate materials in compression: coupling between compression cycle analysis and microstructural evaluation by X-ray microtomography SHARKAWI Tahmer 07/10/2022
COSTE Guilhem Synthesis of new polyurethane foams with low environmental impact and isocyanate-free CAILLOL Sylvain 03/11/2022
CUMINET Florian Synthesis and characterization of catalystless transesterification vitrimers CAILLOL Sylvain 11/10/2022
DENIS Maxinne Synthesis of phosphorus bio-based flame retardant additives for the development of new polymers for wood paint with low environmental impact NEGRELL Claire 02/12/2022
QUIENNE Baptist Synthesis and characterization of novel water-soluble formulation additives isocyanate-free polyurethanes CAILLOL Sylvain 23/06/2022


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
BOUAD Vincent Study of interfacial adhesion in piezoelectric fluoropolymer matrix composites ADMIRAL Vincent 24/02/2021
BOTTOM Thomas Multifunctional hydrogels in stereolithography for tissue reconstruction RABBIT Vincent 13/12/2021
CHAPEL Camille Synthesis and characterization of surfactants with low environmental impact: formulation and evaluation of emulsions in road techniques DAVID Ghislain 18/06/2021
THISTLE Fabien Synthesis of bio-based polymers for the development of new alkyd aqueous paints of high performance and low environmental impact CAILLOL Sylvain 30/09/2021
FERRIE Loona Biocompatible polymers for body decontamination of actinides MONGE DARCOS Sophie 20/12/2021
MORANDI Paul Synthesis of polymers with controlled architectures for dental applications MONGE DARCOS Sophie 13/12/2021
TOSHIKJ Nikola Synthesis of biodegradable copolymers and study of their nanostructuring for the production of multifunctional porous materials ROBIN Jean-jacques 10/12/2021


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
BEAM Belkacem Tarek Polymeric materials based on phosphorus and poly(2-oxazoline) for sorption of metal ions MONGE DARCOS Sophie 10/12/2020
BUTCHER David Design of self-healing polymer coatings based on hemiacetal ester chemistry NEGRELL Claire 04/12/2020
BOUHARRAS Satima Ezzahra Development of BaTiO3 @ fluoropolymer nanocomposites for dielectric materials and as cathode binder in lithium batteries AMEDURI Bruno 21/07/2020
BURTON Tobias Synthesis of morpholine-2,5-diones and (co)polydepsipeptides for the valorization of amino acids. GIANI Olivia 30/11/2020
DING Xianyu Synthesis and evaluation of phosphorus polymers for the treatment of lanthanide and actinide effluents MONGE DARCOS Sophie 16/12/2020
DOUFENE Koceïla Hybrid Microparticles Based on Vegetable Oils Crosslinked by Sol-Gel Process: Synthesis and Evaluation of their Controlled Release Capacity of Low Water-soluble Active Ingredients. AUBERT Anne 29/10/2020
GUY Nina Development of a cataphoretic resin for continuous surface treatment applications. GIANI Olivia 20/11/2020
MOLINA-GUTIÉRREZ Samantha Synthesis of biobased monomers and their polymerizations in aqueous and photoinduced emulsion LACROIX-DESMAZES Patrick 13/11/2020
INNKEEPER Roman Development of formaldehyde-free phenolic and benzoxazine polymer networks with high thermal stability CAILLOL Sylvain 03/07/2020