21 Researchers and teacher-researchers
1 Emeritus
5 Ingineers et technicians
6 fixed-term contracts for researchers / post-docs / ATER
28 PhD students
Know-how / Skills

Members of C3M department develop competencies in the field of chemistry and physical-chemistry of polymers:

A word from the manager
The members of the C3M department « MacroMolecular Chemistry and Materials » are talented and passionate polymer chemists, physical chemists, biologists and pharmacists with a strong team spirit. Do not hesitate to contact us for your challenging projects related to chemistry, physical-chemistry, formulation and processing of polymers. We will share with you our fantastic expertise in the organic synthesis of building blocks (initiators, monomers, transfer agents) up to the development of polymer and composite materials. Our interests include the study of polymerization mechanisms and kinetics, the development of clean processes of polymerization, the polymer characterization and the study of polymers self-assembly. Our advanced skills and exceptional research environment will be profitable for your applications and collaborative projects in the domains of energy, environment, sustainable development and health. Our vision is to focus our efforts on low environmental impact polymers and on polymers for life sciences to contribute to the highly expected circular economy of materials and to respond to some major public health challenges. Our aim is also to have a strong involvement in the training of the young generation of research scientists.
Emmanuel Belamie
Head of department
Research activities

The research themes developed at C3M are:

  • Biofunctional polymers and pharmaceutics
  • Fluorine- and phosphorus-containing polymers
  • Polymer structuration
  • Biobased polymers & green chemistry