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Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
BEN MAAMER Chayma Use of copper allenyl for the development of highly functionalized regio- and diastereocontrolled synthesis strategies of homopropargylic alcohols synthesis of novel bioactive heterocycles by expansion of aziridine rings VRANCKEN Emmanuel 16/12/2022
BOOK Maxim formation of C-C and C-heteroatom bonds catalyzed by more environmentally friendly metals or in their absence TAILLEFER Marc 14/12/2022
OUYANG Liyan DOCTORAL CONTRACT – Synthesis of copper nanoparticles by dismutation
of copper(I) complexes and development of new
access pathways by organometallic strategy.
VRANCKEN Emmanuel 14/01/2022
.PAGES Lucas Hydrofunctionalization of terminal allenamides by copper catalysis: formation of C-C, C-S, C-P and C-O bonds TAILLEFER Marc 14/11/2022
PELLUAU Ringlet Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a platform for encapsulation of functional species for biomedical and catalysis applications LARIONOVA Joulia 29/11/2022
ROGER Maxim Development of π-conjugated systems with aggregation-induced fluorescence (AIE) properties. GERBIER Philippe 23/02/2022
TOSI Eleonora New opportunities for peptide synthesis MARCIA DE FIGUEIREDO Renata 04/03/2022
VINCENT Maxim Formulations of lipophenol derivatives and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of their efficacy against macular degeneration BEGU Sylvie 30/11/2022


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
CAHU Maëlle Prussian blue nanoparticles for theranostics GUARI Yannick 15/11/2021
DOMINGUEZ-GIL Sofia Functionalized nanoparticles for rhabdomyosarcoma theranostics CUNIN Frederique 24/09/2021
GUECHE Nick Study of 3D printing by selective laser sintering for the design and development of dry oral pharmaceutical forms BATTLE Bernard 01/10/2021
HUBERT Stone Towards the total synthesis of Macrotermycin A Jean-Marc CAMPAIGN 29/04/2021
LIU Xiaoping Activation of alcohols for the formation of C-C and C-O bonds without transition metal TAILLEFER Marc 29/11/2021
SPACKOVA Jessica Exploration of new pathways for the enrichment of carboxylic acids into oxygen-17 through mechanochemistry and application to high-resolution NMR studies LAURENCIN Danielle 09/12/2021


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
BENABBAS Rihab Valorization of a bio-based material for pharmaceutical use: study of alginic acid and its functionality as a new excipient for direct compression. BATTLE Bernard 24/09/2020
BOURDUCHE Franck Physicochemical and pharmacotechnical study for an optimization of maltitol performance in direct compression. BATTLE Bernard 30/11/2020
GERNET Aurélie Synthesis of axial chiral phosphorus ligands for asymmetric catalysis applications VIRIOUS David 23/10/2020
KULAKOVA NAFTA Synthesis and study of novel metallasesquioxanes based on transition metal ions and lanthanides: magnetic, optical and catalytic properties LARIONOVA Joulia 23/12/2020
MAMONTOVA Ekaterina Multifunctional nanomaterials based on coordination networks LARIONOVA Joulia 28/09/2020
NGO Giang Prussian Blue Interfaces – Lipid Bilayers: Towards a New Biomimetic Vector CHOPINEAU Joel 29/05/2020
SAHTEL Sami Development of methodologies for the synthesis of polysubstituted heterocycles VRANCKEN Emmanuel 17/12/2020
SIMON Laurianne Design of innovative polyoxazoline-based nanoformulations for dermal delivery of antioxidants BEGU Sylvie 12/10/2020