Scientific resp.AcronymEntitledProgram
Jean-Olivier DURANDMANTARGETSuper Resolution Imaging of NanoPMOs for Cancer Drug DeliveryEXCELLENT SCIENCE – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (2021)
Sébastien CLEMENTPROGENYProto-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Hybrid Systems for Generation-Next Bionic DevicesEXCELLENT SCIENCE – Future and Emerging Technologies (2021)

Project Coordinator*


Scientific resp.AcronymEntitledTool
Sébastien RICHETER*COMPACTCatalytic Properties of Molecular Systems Combining Porphyrins and N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Metal ComplexesPRC 2019
Jérôme LONG*MEMORIMagnetoelectric Molecular MaterialsPRC 2019
Jean Marc CAMPAIGNCHICAACChiral Cyclic Alkyl Amino Carbenes in Asymmetric CatalysisPRC 2019
Danielle LAURENCINTOGETHERThe Observation of Low Gyromagnetic Ratio Nuclei in Biomaterial Environments Through Hyperpolarization Enhanced Magnetic ResonancePRC 2019
Clarence CHARNAY*MSN-2hvBacteria-Targeted Theranostics Combining Two-Photon Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy for Infection Control and Wound HealingPRCI 2019
Olivier DAUTELMAPLLETowards a Materials Design Platform Aimed at Bioelectronics ApplicationsPRC 2020
Sébastien CLEMENTSOFTNANOFLUElectrokinetic Transport in Soft Nanometric Liquid Films with Conductive and Actuated SurfacesPRC 2020
Joel CHOPINEAU3DTRANSCYAAStructures and Translocation Process of CyaAPRC 2021
David VIRIEUX*BOOSTSBisindolizine, a Chiral Common Core for (Confined) Asymmetric CatalysisPRC 2021
Renata MARCIA DE FIGUEIREDOATZC-NHCg-Peptides Foldamers for Bifunctional Iminium/Enamine and NHC/Iminium OrganocatalysisPRC 2021

Local authorities

Scientific resp.PartnerAcronymEntitled
GUARI YannickERDF / REGIONERDF / REGIONAAP RESEARCH AND COMPANIES 2019: Single cell study of magneto-induced effects.
DURAND Jean-OlivierREGION OCCITANIEMetRecycleREGION REPERE scheme: Request for matching as part of the MetRecycle project (ERAMIN2). Automatic COVID-19 extension + 6 months