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Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
ABBASSI Linda Effect of nanostructuring on thermoelectric properties of multi-scale materials BEAUDHUIN Mickaël 05/01/2022
ARTIGUES Lucie Room temperature ionic conductive polymers for Li-ion batteries MONCONDUIT Laure 13/12/2022
AZEROUAL Hanae Study of piezoelectric materials from different sequences of polyhedral units CAMBON Olivier 18/11/2022
LARBAOUI Salima Preparation, characterization and valorization of catalysts based on metal oxides supported on microporous molecular sieves. LIPPENS Pierre-emmanuel 04/07/2022
LE PHAM Phuong Nam Study of materials for potassium batteries: study of mechanisms and application in complete cell STIEVANO Lorenzo 15/09/2022
LIZION Juliet NMR study of 125Te and 77Se of local structural order in Phase Change Materials: impact of gaps and metavalent bonding PIARRISTEGUY Andrea 07/12/2022
MENDES DE BARROS Ruben Exploration of electronic order and long-range oxygen in non-stchiometric oxides such as Ruddlesden-Popper, Nd2NiO4+d and La2CoO4+d by neutron diffraction and synchrotron. CERETTI Monica 14/12/2022
MOHAMMADI Abdolkhaled Lithium metal batteries: the impact of host modifications on the electrochemical performance of lithium anodes MONCONDUIT Laure 10/11/2022
PECHBERTY Clement Magnesium Battery Alloys: From Alloy Electrode to Surface Protection BERTHELOT Romain 12/12/2022
TAKSANDE Kiran Study of the Ionic Conduction Properties of MOF-type Nanoporous Hybrid Materials DEVAUTOUR Sabine 23/03/2022


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
GARCIA GARRIDO Rafael Partial catalytic dehydrogenation of liquid fuels for on-board hydrogen generation BATTLES Gilles 29/11/2021
H Ismahan DOCTORAL CONTRACT – Development of Hybrid Reversible Fuel Cells combining proton conduction ceramics and molten carbonates BATTLES Gilles 23/07/2021
HAOUARI Cherazade Iron oxide nanoparticles with cationic gaps: synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties STIEVANO Lorenzo 17/09/2021
RABIES Bastien Silicon-based core-shell particles as anode materials for Li-ion batteries LIPPENS Pierre-emmanuel 09/12/2021
ROBERT Bruno Functionalization of chalcogenide waveguides for the detection of phytopathogenic spores VIGREUX Caroline 22/11/2021
SCAFURI Antonio Innovative calcium batteries STIEVANO Lorenzo 29/03/2021
TOUJA Justine Towards the use of protected metal negative electrodes for alkaline-metal batteries: Concentrated electrolytes and protective layers MONCONDUIT Laure 09/11/2021


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
AKROUT Alia Nanostructured hybrid membranes for fuel cell application CAVALIERE Sara 07/07/2020
DESCHANELS Mathieu Development of innovative electrochemical systems for applications in circulating flow batteries. FAVIER Frédéric 10/12/2020
MAFFRE Marion Concentrated electrolytes for electrochemical applications FAVIER Frédéric 15/12/2020
MARSICANO Anna Mesoscopic order of oxygen related to its diffusion at moderate temperature in non-schiometric oxides of the Ruddlesden-Popper type PAULUS Werner 14/12/2020
SPANU Francesco Design and development of bipolar membranes with three-dimensional interface CAVALIERE Sara 14/12/2020
YAROVA Svitlana Preparation of electrostatically spinning self-supporting Fe-N-C cathodes for fuel cells JAOUEN Frédéric 30/06/2020