Scientific resp.AcronymEntitledProgram
Deborah JONESGAIANext Generation AutomotIve Membrane Electrode AssembliesSOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Climate action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials (2019)
Sara CAVALIEREHYDROGENHighly Performing Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysers with Reinforced Membranes for Efficient Hydrogen GenerationEXCELLENT SCIENCE – European Research Council (2019)
Laure MONCONDUITVIDICATEVersatile Ionomers for DIvalent Calcium BatteriesEXCELLENT SCIENCE – Future and Emerging Technologies (2019)
Julien HAINESSCENTOne Dimensional, Single-Chain Polymers for Gas Sensors through High-Pressure TechnologyATTRACT (2019)
Deborah JONESANIONELow-Cost Hydrogen Production by Anion Exchange Membrane ElectrolysisSOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Secure, clean and efficient energy (2020)
Sara CAVALIERESUNCOCHEMPhotoelectrocatalytic Device for Sun-Driven CO2 Conversion into Green ChemicalsINDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies – Advanced materials (2020)
Laure MONCONDUITDESTINYPh.D. Programme on Emerging Battery Storage Technologies Inspiring Young ScientistsEXCELLENT SCIENCE – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (2020)
Deborah JONESIMMORTALImproved Lifetime Stacks for Heavy Duty Trucks Through Ultra-DurabLe ComponentsSOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Smart, Green And Integrated Transport (2021)

Project Coordinator*


Scientific resp.AcronymEntitledTool
Mickael BEAUDHUIN*ECOTHERMEco-Friendly Alkaline-Earth Silicides for Thermoelectric ApplicationsJCJC 2019
Romain BERTHELOT*MISTRALMg-Ion/Sulfur Batteries with Alloying ElectrodesJCJC 2019
Olivier FONTAINEBALWISEBatteries Relying on Lithium-Based Water-In-Salt ElectrolytesPRC 2019
Bruno ALONSO*ZEOORGOrder and Acidity in Zeolites Induced by Organic Structuring Agents. New NMR Approaches, Modeling and ReactivityPRC 2019
Romain VIENNOIS*NANOPIBELTNanometric Bismuth Wire / Nanoporous Silica Composites for Peltier CoolingPRC 2019
Julien HAINES*ZEOLIGHTBoron Nitride/Zeolite Composite Based UV LED Prototype for the Production of White LightPRC 2019
Laure MONCONDUIT*TROPICTowards Inovative PotassIum-Ion Full-CellPRC 2019
Nicolas LOUVAINTHIOMOFSMulti-Redox Porous Crystalline Hybrid ChalcogenidesPRC 2019
Frederick JAOUENANIMACarbon Aerogels Doped with Nitrogen and Abundant Metals for Efficient and Sustainable Membrane Electrode AssembliesPRCE 2019
Monica CERETTI*EXODIFFExploring Oxygen Diffusion Mechanisms in Pr2NiO4+ Under in situ Conditions by Neutron Scattering: Interplay Between Structure and Lattice DynamicsPRCI 2019
Pierre-YvesBLANCHARD*ELMOROXElectroactive Molecules for Chemically Regenerative Redox Fuel CellJCJC 2020
Steven LE VOTBATTALLOXIsoalloxazine Derivatives as a Versatile Component for BatteriesPRC 2020
Nicolas LOUVAIN*GANDALFGreatly Augmented Novel Li-Ion Devices by Atomic Layer FluorinationPRCE 2020
Werner PAULUSDESCARTESImpact of Micro and Defect Structure on the Catalytic Performance of Alternative Support MaterialsPRCE 2020
Philippe PAPET*OVERHEATa-GeO 2 a New Material for Passive SAW Sensors for Use at Very High TemperaturesPRC 2021
Frédéric FAVIERNASTORA Mediated Sodium Ion Aqueous Battery for Large Scale Energy StoragePRC 2021
Gilles TAILLADESPOSEYDONProof of Concept of a Multi-Functional Reversible Electrochemical Hybrid Cell Operating at Intermediate TemperaturePRC 2021
Frédéric JAOUEN*DEEPDesign of Efficient Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with Ultralow Precious Metal ContentPRCE 2021