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Guillaume MAURINMOF4AIRMetal Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Processes in Power Production and Energy Intensive IndustriesSOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Secure, clean and efficient energy (2019)
Guillaume MAURINMETHASOLInternational Cooperation for Selective Conversion of CO2 into Methanol under SoLar LightSOCIETAL CHALLENGES – Secure, clean and efficient energy (2021)

Project Coordinator*


Scientific resp.AcronymEntitledTool
Guillaume MAURINSAAMMSeparation of Alkenes from Alkanes using Microporous MaterialsPRC 2019
Sabine DEVAUTOUR-VINOTNOADevelopment of New Selective Materials for the Adsorption of Nitrogen OxidesPRC 2020
Peter HESEMANNIONOPILSIon Transport in Double Networks of Ionosilica and Doped Polymeric Ionic LiquidsPRC 2020
Bénédicte PRELOTBENALORHybrid Imogolites as TunabLe ReactorsPRC 2020
Peter HESEMANNCATASICDevelopment of a Catalytic SiC Reactor-ExchangerPRCE 2020
Tangi AUBERT*HammamHierarchical Advanced Mesoporous Monoliths by Additive ManufacturingJCJC 2021
Guillaume MAURINMOFTOH2Photoactive Hybrid Porous Solids for Overall Water SplittingPRC 2021
Sabine DEVAUTOUR-VINOT*ADHOCAccelerated Development of Hybrid Nanoporous Compounds for Indoor Air Quality MonitoringPRCI 2021

Local authorities

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