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Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
ABDOU Nicole Ionosilica ionogels from design to applications. MEHDI Ahmad 16/12/2022
ALDROUBI Soha Ionic liquids and imidazolium salts for carbonaceous materials MEHDI Ahmad 03/10/2022
DESMURS Lucie Control of hierarchical zeolite porosity and impact of their properties in the Friedel-Crafts alkylation of aromatics. HULEA Vasile 15/12/2022
FATNASSI Asma Carbon aerogels as catalyst carriers for hydrogenation reactions HULEA Vasile 19/12/2022
GULCAY OZCAN Ezgi Digital exploration of MOFs for the capture and detection of space contaminants MAURIN Guillaume 06/12/2022
MIGHRI Rimeh Synthesis of porous B-C-N materials for adsorption applications ALAUZUN Johan 12/12/2022


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
ASSAF Marwa Adsorption and organization of molecules at solid/liquid interfaces in nanostructured materials PRELOT Bénédicte 10/12/2021
ALKHUDHAIR Atheer Hydrolytic and non-hydrolytic sol-gel pathways for preparing mixed oxide catalysts for ethylene oligomerization MEHDI Ahmad 09/12/2021
MEZGHRANI Braham Mesoporous Nanoparticles of Ionosilica and Porphyrin: A Multifunctional Platform for Cancer Theranostics. HESEMANN Peter 10/12/2021
WANG Qing Multi-scale Theoretical Modeling of Pt and Au Based Catalysts in Reactive Media TICHIT Didier 25/10/2021


Name First name Title of research Thesis supervisor Date of defense
LALITHA Anusha Modeling of MOFs/Graphene Oxide composites and their performance for CO2 capture MAURIN Guillaume 13/03/2020
SIERRA CANTOR Jonathan Evaluation of the catalytic performance of mesoporous zeolites obtained by recrystallization in the isomerization of fatty acid methyl esters: towards the improvement of the properties of biodiesel in cold environments. GERARDIN Corine 22/12/2020
VIEIRA SOARES Carla Computational evaluation of MOFs with respect to their adsorption and catalytic degradation performance of chemical warfare agents MAURIN Guillaume 29/05/2020