Bruno Ameduri

Directeur de Recherche

  • Membre du comité de direction de l'Institut Charles Gerhardt
  • Member of the French and American Chemical Societies

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Institut Charles Gerhardt - CNRS 5253

Bruno Ameduri
Permanent - chercheur, Equipe D2
ICGM - UMR5253$CC043$Pôle Chimie Balard Recherche19 route de Mende293 Montpellier cedex 5
  • Janvier 1993 : Degree of Habilitation to supervise Research (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) 
  •  July 1988 : Ph D, University of Montpellier / Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier (USTL) ; Synthesis of Telechelic Monodispersed Chlorinated Telomers
  • January 1986 : Master of Sciences in Chemistry of Laval University (Québec, Canada),
  • July 1984: Earned Enginer Chemical degree at ENSCM
  • From 1998 to now: Lecturer in Macromolecular Chemistry, Engineering of Polymers and industrial Polymers in various Universities (Prague Inst of Chem Techn. ; Polytecnico di Torino, UMIST, Univ. of Lund, Univ. of Pretoria ; Clemson University)
  • Invited Professor at Kyushu University, Japan (May 2012)
  • Visiting Prof. at Univ. Pretoria, South Africa (2011, 2012, 2014)
  • Visiting Prof. in India (Jan. 2015)
  • Dr. Vincent Ladmiral, CR1 (team collaborator)
  • Prof. Atsushi TAKAHARA (Kyushu University, Japan) Surface characterization of Fluoropolymers
  • Dr T. Ono, NIAIST, Nagoya, Japan (use of persistent radical in radical Copolymerization)
  • Prof. Peter RINALDI (Akron University, USA) NMR characterization of Fluoropolymers
  • Prof Chad FRIESEN (Western Trinity College, Canada) : F-copolymers based on PFPEs by radical copolymerization
  • Prof. Ph CROUSE (Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa) Copolymers based on TFE and CTFE
  • Prof Rinaldo POLI (Univ Toulouse) and A. DEBUIGNE/Ch DETREMBLEUR (Univ; of Liege, Belgium): Controlled Radical (Co)polymerization of F-alkenes
  • Prof. V. GOUVERNEUR (Oxford Univ.) and Prof J. WALKOWIAK (Poznan Univ., Poland) F-aromatic Polymers
  • Prof H. HORI (Kanagawa Univ., Japan): degradation of F-derivatives, telomers, and copolymers
  • Prof J.F. GOHI (Univ. Catholique Louvain, Belgium) Polymer gel electrolytes for Li ion batteries
  • M. RAIHANE (Univ. Marrakech, Morrocco): F-copolymers for Dielectric Applications
  • 1994 : Price of the Division “Polymers & Elastomers” of the French Chemical Society
  • October 2012 : Award for Outstanding Contribution and Innovation in Fluoropolymer Science (« Fluoropolymers 2012 » Conference, USA, October, 14-17th, 2012)

Directeur de Recherche au CNRS (DR1), Bruno Ameduri leads the “Fluoropolymers” team at the “Ingénierie et Architectures Macromoléculaires” Team of Institute Charles Gerhardt in Montpellier. His main interests focus on the synthesis and the characterization of fluorinated monomers (including cure site monomers and telechelics), telomers, and copolymers for various applications such as F-surfactants (especially alternatives to perfluorooctanoic acid, and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid), high performance elastomers, coatings, fluoropolymer/nanofillers nanocomposites, and polymers related to energy [protonic and alkaline, and quasianhydrous fuel cell membranes, polymer gel electrolytes for Li-ions batteries, electroactive copolymers (such as piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics), and PV]. Coauthor of 3 books, 40 reviews or chapters of books, >280 peer review publications and coinventor of more than 70 patents, achieved within the framework of national and most often international academic and industrial collaborations. He is also a member of the American and French Chemical Societies and is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, European Polymer Journal, Polymer Bulletin. He has gained international recognition in polymer synthesis by key methodologies, such as telomerization and conventional and controlled radical (co)polymerization of fluorinated monomers.
The team possesses a specific equipment to handle toxic and/or corrosive gases with sometimes unknown reactivity, including at high pressure, and has in stock most of commercially available key monomers (vinylidene fluoride, VDF, chlorotrifluoroethylene, CTFE, hexafluoropropylene, PMVE and, more recently, trifluoroethylene, TrFE, and 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, 1234yf and ze). Both basic aspects and applied researches are currently developed in that Lab. All these tools and reactants are used to develop high value added-materials. Specific projects are carried out within the framework of national and most often international academic and industrial collaborations. More specifically, the team has been involved in the last few years in various actions dealing with the synthesis of fluorinated surfactants (especially alternatives to perfluorooctanoic acid, PFOA and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, PFOS that are bioaccumulable, toxic, and persistent), high performance fluoroelastomers, fluoropolymer/nanofillers nanocomposites, and materials for Energy: fuel cell membranes (protonic, alkaline or quasianhydrous), solvent and polymer electrolytes for Lithium ion batteries, electroactive (piezoelectric and ferroelectric) polymers, and photovoltaic films. Right now, Ameduri’s team is composed of 4 post doc fellow (including one permanent CNRS researcher), 3 PhD students and 1 MS students.


Thème de Recherche

  • Synthesis of fluorinated monomers (by organofluorine Chemistry), telomers (by Telomerization), and (co)polymers (by free radical or RDRP copolymerization of fluoroalkenes: VDF, CTFE, TrFE, PMVE, TFP, etc..).
  • Applications to high performance elastomers, F-surfactants, fuel cell membranes (protonic, alkaline, and quasi-anhydrous), polymers electrolytes and F-solvents for Li ion batteries ; F-nanocomposites, piezoelectric copolymers.


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  • Renaud Souzy, Bruno Ameduri, Bernard Boutevin and David Virieux
    Synthesis of new aromatic perfluorovinyl ether monomers containing phosphonic acid functionality,
    J. Fluor. Chem. 2004, 125, 1317-1324
  • J. Guiot, B. Améduri, B. Boutevin and A. Fruchier
    Synthesis of fluorinated telomers. Part 7. Telomerisation of 1,1-difluoro-2-chloroethylene and 1,2-difluoro-1,2-dichloroethylene with methanol,
    New J. Chem. 2002, 26, 1768
  • Bruno Ameduri, Bernard Boutevin, Joel J E. Moreau, Hicham Moutaabbid and Michael Wong Chi Man
    Hybrid organic-inorganic gels containing perfluoro-alkyl moieties,
    J. Fluor. Chem. 2000, 104, 185-194

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