Type de poste : Thèse
Sujet : Fuel cell membranes with active nanofiber reinforcement
Département :
Profil : Expected skills: • Master’s degree or equivalent in chemistry, materials science, polymer science, electrochemistry, with good knowledge in lab science • Cautious experimental work • Autonomy, anticipation, proactive spirit, being a source of proposals, teamwork skills • Knowledge of polymer and membrane characterisation would be appreciatedActivities performed by the student will comprise the fabrication of polymer fibers by electrospinning and their incorporation in membranes prepared by casting. Selected samples will be characterized within the laboratory using state-of-the-art techniques (proton conductivity measurements, tensile stress-stress tests, dimensional stability...), also including morphological analysis (SEM/TEM microscopy) and electrochemical characterization.
Date limite de dépôt de candidature : 30/04/2023
Date d’embauche : 02/05/2023
Durée : 36 mois
Contact : sara.cavaliere@umontpellier.fr
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