Florian Jaroschik


I. A propos
II. Activités de recherche
New lanthanide metal based transformations in organic and organometallic chemistry

My research is at the interface of organic and organometallic chemistry using powerful zero-valent lanthanide metals as reagents. In recent years, the focus has been on the synthesis of divalent lanthanide metallocenes bearing aryl-substituted cyclopentadienyl ligands (for example C5Ph5 or C5Ph4H). Recently, we have found a straight-forward synthesis via selective carbon-phosphorus bond activation in cyclopentadiene-phosphine precursors. C-F bond activation is currently a hot topic and we have shown that lanthanide metals can be highly efficient reagents for the single defluorination of trifluoromethylated benzofulvenes. In the presence of electrophiles, this process provides access to new difluoralkenes in a highly regio and stereoselective manner.

III. Production scientifique