Frédéric Jaouen

Frédéric Jaouen is a CNRS research director at the Charles Gerhardt Institute for Molecular Chemistry and Materials, and a Member of The Electrochemical Society, International Society of Electrochemistry, and Société Chimique de France.

The main activities of the electrocatalysis group in ICGM’s Department 4 entail the development of novel electrolyte and electrode materials for proton/anion exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolysers.

His research interests encompass the synthesis, structural and electrochemical characterisation of novel electrocatalysts based on Earth-abundant elements for catalysing key reactions for electrochemical energy conversion devices based on polymer-electrolytes, with a strong focus on single atom catalysts.

He is the co-author of 118 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 3 book chapters, 9 patents, 26 invited presentations at international conferences or workshops, and more than 130 other oral contributions to conferences.

I. A propos
II. Activités de recherche
Characterization of single iron atom catalysts across different scales

From upper left to bottom right: Electron microscopy image of single iron atoms in graphene / Identification of flooding at the anode of an anion-exchange membrane fuel cell comprising a Fe-N-C cathode / Mössbauer spectroscopy identification of two Fe-N4 sites in Fe-N-C materials / X-ray tomography of a Fe-N-C cathode after durability test in a proton-exchange-membrane fuel cell.

III. Production scientifique