Gaelle Martin-Gassin
  • Maître de conférence/Université Montpellier
  • bureau N3G11
I. A propos
II. Activités de recherche
Probing interfaces and molecular structures with second harmonic processes

The non-linear optical techniques developed in D3 has the noteworthy advantage to be highly sensitive to interfaces and symmetry breaking systems at the molecular level. This technique allows to quantify, the organization and the interactions between molecules under “in situ” conditions in liquids. Many parameters may be accessible like the adsorption/ encapsulation quantification, the electric double-layer structure, the chemical interactions, the ionic complexation, specifically close to interfaces or inside molecular arrangements. Moreover, it gives access in real time to the interfacial dynamic. Confinement and solvation effects are actually explored in hydrophilic/hydrophobic porous systems.

III. Production scientifique