Laure Monconduit

Laure Monconduit

After many years dedicated to new materials, new crystallographic arrangements and their structure-properties relationship, LM progressively specialized to materials for electrochemical energy storage, as Li batteries.

Her current research directions include the synthesis and characterization of new electrodes materials, especially anodes for Li-ion, and for post-Li electrochemical systems: Na-, K-, Mg-, Ca- ion batteries. She is specialist of p-bloc element electrode material, with a great specific attention paid on silicon.

LM participates to the renewal of metal batteries (electrode protection and the electrolyte’s modification (polymers, gel, composite electrolytes).

More recently she has embarked on the path of batteries recycling, especially by mechanochemistry.

The understanding of the electrochemical mechanism through operando characterization technics (XRD, IR-ATR, Raman, Mössbauer spectroscopy) is the centre of all her research topics.

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