Steven Le Vot

Steven Le Vot is an associate professor at Montpellier University. He joined the ICGM in 2016 to develop research activity dealing with nanostructured material synthesis for advanced electrochemical energy storage devices, electrochemical studies of complex interfaces and tuning of surface properties via functionalizations.

Currently Steven Le Vot is focusing on the development of innovative redox flow batteries and is particularly involved on finding new stable electrolytes for AORFB, investigating electron transfer on modified graphite felts for RFB and investigating redox targeting flow batteries.

II. Activités de recherche
Redox Flow Batteries for mass energy storage

Upper left: Picture summurizing concept of Aqueous Redox Flow Battery (AORF). It’s a technology that aims to store renewable intermittent energies. It operates in water and energy and power are provided by redox active molecules. These molecules are modified using chemical engineering to improve their solubilities, their potentials and their stabilities. Image from (Chem Soc Rev 2018, 47 (1), 69–103). Upper right: Basic principle of an AORFB with state-of-the-art molecules. Lower left: Criteria to select molecules (Potential, Solubility, Stability, cost and environnematal footprint). Lower Right: Illustration from Kemiwatt website

III. Production scientifique