Presentation of the commission

Since 2019, the ICGM has had a Scientific Integrity Commission. Its role is to reflect and monitor scientific integrity in order to propose the implementation of means of advice and prevention.

  • Collection and updating of information on the integrity of the research, the functioning of the different instances.
  • Monitoring situations of breach of scientific integrity and more generally of the ethics of research professions and interaction with local authorities that have already implemented an establishment policy on scientific integrity (University of Montpellier, CNRS, ENSCM).
  • Dissemination of methods and good practices, including the description and conservation of research protocols, citations, mentions and reprints of previously published or unpublished work, and finally the treatment of conflicts of interest among doctoral students and permanent staff of the ICGM.
  • Training in the scientific integrity of new members to the ICGM, in consultation with doctoral schools. Organization of interventions on “awareness of scientific integrity”: days of new members, conferences with the support of external speakers, etc.
  • Tahar Ayad
  • Aurélie Bessière
  • Bruno Boury
  • Frédérique Cunin
  • Philippe Gaveau (animateur)
  • Frédéric Jaouen
  • Vincent Ladmiral
  • Lorenzo Stievano