Effluents@icgm: treatment of liquid effluents

Effluent@icgm is a transversal research group of the Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier (ICGM) that works on the treatment of liquid effluents in order to eliminate various pollutants (metal cations: heavy metals, radionuclides, rare earths; organic pollutants: dyes, pesticides, active ingredients).

The skills developed by the various players in the group have in common the synthesis, characterization and study of materials (organic or inorganic) with specific properties effective for water treatment. In particular, we are able to adapt the structure and properties of our materials to meet a given problem.

Researchers from all departments of the ICGM are involved in this theme. The departments concerned are the department “Chemistry and Molecular Materials” (D1), “Macromolecular Chemistry and Materials” (D2), “Porous and Hybrid Materials” (D3) and “Chemistry of Materials, Nanostructures, Materials for Energy” (D4). They make different and/or complementary scientific contributions.

Scientific skills are presented below in the form of categories (keywords) reflecting the activities of those involved. These keywords highlight all the research activities of the ICGM in the field of liquid effluent treatment.

Examples of work carried out by the Effluents@icgm group

Examples of work carried out in the Effluents@icgm group are presented below. They represent only a small part of the work done within the Institute for Water Treatment. You can contact us so that we can describe our skills in more detail and respond to your requests.

Combination of adsorbates and adsorbents

Contact : benedicte.prelot@umontpellier.fr

Liquid effluents treatments : Thermosensitive Enhanced MicroFiltration process

Contact : sophie.monge-darcos@umontpellier.fr

Liquid effluents treatments : Hybrid anionic exchangers

Contact : peter.hesemann@umontpellier.fr

Original characterization methodology

Contact : benedicte.prelot@umontpellier.fr