Project Coordinator*

Chemistry and Molecular Materials (D1)

Scientific resp. Acronym Entitled Tool
Sébastien RICHETER* COMPACT Catalytic Properties of Molecular Systems Combining Porphyrins and N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Metal Complexes PRC 2019
Jérôme LONG* MEMORI Magnetoelectric Molecular Materials PRC 2019
Jean Marc CAMPAIGN CHICAAC Chiral Cyclic Alkyl Amino Carbenes in Asymmetric Catalysis PRC 2019
Danielle LAURENCIN TOGETHER The Observation of Low Gyromagnetic Ratio Nuclei in Biomaterial Environments Through Hyperpolarization Enhanced Magnetic Resonance PRC 2019
Clarence CHARNAY* MSN-2hv Bacteria-Targeted Theranostics Combining Two-Photon Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy for Infection Control and Wound Healing PRCI 2019
Olivier DAUTEL MAPLLE Towards a Materials Design Platform Aimed at Bioelectronics Applications PRC 2020
Sébastien CLEMENT SOFTNANOFLU Electrokinetic Transport in Soft Nanometric Liquid Films with Conductive and Actuated Surfaces PRC 2020
Joel CHOPINEAU 3DTRANSCYAA Structures and Translocation Process of CyaA PRC 2021
David VIRIEUX* BOOSTS Bisindolizine, a Chiral Common Core for (Confined) Asymmetric Catalysis PRC 2021
Renata MARCIA DE FIGUEIREDO ATZC-NHC g-Peptides Foldamers for Bifunctional Iminium/Enamine and NHC/Iminium Organocatalysis PRC 2021

MacroMolecular Chemistry and Materials (D2)

Scientific sp. Acronym Entitled Tool
Sylvain CAILLOL* AFCAN Additive-Free Covalent Adaptable Networks PRC 2019
Marie MOREL* EXOTICLE Physico-Chemically Modified Nanosized Extracellular Vesicles as a Bioinspired Vector for Intracellular Delivery of Antibody Fragments JCJC 2020
Sylvain CAILLOL GREENGLUE Resorbable Polyhydroxyurethane (PHU) Adhesives for the Prevention of Seroma Complications and the Promotion of Optimal Wound Healing, after Oncologic Breast Surgeries PRCE 2020
Vincent LADMIRAL FLANS Fluorosilicons Ageing, Mechanics & Synthesis PRCE 2020
Julien PINAUD FUNCTIOMILL Functional Reactors to Push the Boundaries of Mechanochemistry PRC 2021
Emmanuel BELAMIE* SPACECART Spatio-Temporal Control of Cellular Differentiation for Cartilage Tissue Engineering PRC 2021
Julien PINAUD* PHOTO EXPO Exploring the Potential of Photochemical Polymerization PRC 2021

Porous and Hybrid Materials (D3)

Scientific resp. Acronym Entitled Tool
Guillaume MAURIN SAAMM Separation of Alkenes from Alkanes using Microporous Materials PRC 2019
Sabine DEVAUTOUR-VINOT NOA Development of New Selective Materials for the Adsorption of Nitrogen Oxides PRC 2020
Peter HESEMANN IONOPILS Ion Transport in Double Networks of Ionosilica and Doped Polymeric Ionic Liquids PRC 2020
Bénédicte PRELOT BENALOR Hybrid Imogolites as TunabLe Reactors PRC 2020
Peter HESEMANN CATASIC Development of a Catalytic SiC Reactor-Exchanger PRCE 2020
Tangi AUBERT* Hammam Hierarchical Advanced Mesoporous Monoliths by Additive Manufacturing JCJC 2021
Guillaume MAURIN MOFTOH2 Photoactive Hybrid Porous Solids for Overall Water Splitting PRC 2021
Sabine DEVAUTOUR-VINOT* ADHOC Accelerated Development of Hybrid Nanoporous Compounds for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring PRCI 2021

Materials Chemistry, Nanostructures, Materials for Energy (D4)

Scientific resp. Acronym Entitled Tool
Mickael BEAUDHUIN* ECOTHERM Eco-Friendly Alkaline-Earth Silicides for Thermoelectric Applications JCJC 2019
Romain BERTHELOT* MISTRAL Mg-Ion/Sulfur Batteries with Alloying Electrodes JCJC 2019
Olivier FONTAINE BALWISE Batteries Relying on Lithium-Based Water-In-Salt Electrolytes PRC 2019
Bruno ALONSO* ZEOORG Order and Acidity in Zeolites Induced by Organic Structuring Agents. New NMR Approaches, Modeling and Reactivity PRC 2019
Romain VIENNOIS* NANOPIBELT Nanometric Bismuth Wire / Nanoporous Silica Composites for Peltier Cooling PRC 2019
Julien HAINES* ZEOLIGHT Boron Nitride/Zeolite Composite Based UV LED Prototype for the Production of White Light PRC 2019
Laure MONCONDUIT* TROPIC Towards Inovative PotassIum-Ion Full-Cell PRC 2019
Nicolas LOUVAIN THIOMOFS Multi-Redox Porous Crystalline Hybrid Chalcogenides PRC 2019
Frederick JAOUEN ANIMA Carbon Aerogels Doped with Nitrogen and Abundant Metals for Efficient and Sustainable Membrane Electrode Assemblies PRCE 2019
Monica CERETTI* EXODIFF Exploring Oxygen Diffusion Mechanisms in Pr2NiO4+ Under in situ Conditions by Neutron Scattering: Interplay Between Structure and Lattice Dynamics PRCI 2019
Pierre-YvesBLANCHARD* ELMOROX Electroactive Molecules for Chemically Regenerative Redox Fuel Cell JCJC 2020
Steven LE VOT BATTALLOX Isoalloxazine Derivatives as a Versatile Component for Batteries PRC 2020
Nicolas LOUVAIN* GANDALF Greatly Augmented Novel Li-Ion Devices by Atomic Layer Fluorination PRCE 2020
Werner PAULUS DESCARTES Impact of Micro and Defect Structure on the Catalytic Performance of Alternative Support Materials PRCE 2020
Philippe PAPET* OVERHEAT a-GeO 2 a New Material for Passive SAW Sensors for Use at Very High Temperatures PRC 2021
Frédéric FAVIER NASTOR A Mediated Sodium Ion Aqueous Battery for Large Scale Energy Storage PRC 2021
Gilles TAILLADES POSEYDON Proof of Concept of a Multi-Functional Reversible Electrochemical Hybrid Cell Operating at Intermediate Temperature PRC 2021
Frédéric JAOUEN* DEEP Design of Efficient Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with Ultralow Precious Metal Content PRCE 2021

Theoretical Physical Chemistry and Modeling (D5)

Scientific resp. Acronym Entitled Tool
Matthieu SAUBANERE* DESCARTES Designing Correlated And Reduced Theories for Electronic Structures JCJC 2019
Tzonka MINEVA RUBI Ultrafast Reactivity of Biomolecules under Irradiation PRC 2019
Eric CLOT REDNEC Reduction of N2 to NH3 with Mo Complexes. From Fundamental PCET Reactivity to Efficient Electrocatalysis PRC 2021
Hazar GUESMI BINOME Tuning Properties of Bimetallic Supported Catalysts with Ultra-Low Noble Metal Contents from Solid to Liquid State PRC 2021