The Analysis and Characterization Platform (PAC) gathers the equipment of the Institutes of the Balard Chemistry Pole (ICGM, IBMM, IEM and ICSM), the ENSCM and the common services of the University of Montpellier attached to Chemistry. The objective of this platform is to provide users with state-of-the-art equipment and a network of skills in the field of chemical sciences.

The PAC includes 4 entities, the Physical Measurements Laboratory (LMP), the X-ray and Gamma-ray Network (RRXG), the Electron and Analytical Microscopy Platform (MEA), and the ICGM Technical Platform (PT-ICGM). Its activities revolve around 3 axes:

  • Analysis and characterization of solids and materials
  • Characterization of organic molecules and macromolecule
  • Characterization of materials and fluids associated with separation processes

The Analysis and Characterization Platform offers exceptional measurement possibilities in X-ray Diffraction, Electron Microscopy, NMR Spectroscopy, IR Spectroscopy – Raman, Mössbauer Spectrometry, SQUID Magnetometry, RPE Spectroscopy, XPS, Mass Spectrometry, Textural and Particle Size Analysis, Chemical Analysis (Elemental Analysis, AAS, ICP-MS, X-ray Fluorescence), Calorimetric and Thermal Analysis, Dielectric Spectroscopy.

The various services are organized around competence centers based on technical staff dedicated to these devices, in permanent contact with researchers expert in the field.

The Analysis and Characterization Platform of the Balard Chemistry Pole is open to the entire academic scientific community and the industrial world (Large Groups, SMEs, StartUp). Access to services is in the form of services, collaborations, or partnerships, including:

  • the support of analytical services by PAC staff,
  • research and development projects,
  • methodological and instrumental developments,
  • theoretical and practical training.
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