The Electron and Analytical Microscopy (MEA) platform of the University of Montpellier is designed to meet the electron microscopy and microanalysis needs of all users of the university, whose themes range from physics to biology. It is also open to external public and private users.

Its mission is to support users in all stages of analysis, sample preparation, data acquisition, processing and exploitation of results. It also carries out on request training, popularization actions for the general public (science festival).

The platform has a dual objective:

  • Pooling of state-of-the-art equipment in the field of micro- and nano-structural and analytical characterization
  • Centralization of skills in the field of electron microscopy.

It hosts the EBSD Geosciences service as well as transmission electron microscopes of the Chemistry Analysis and Characterization Platform (PAC).

Different techniques are therefore available such as MET, SEM and EBSD.

ICGM Referent

Supervisor: Erwan Oliviero