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In 2016, the ICGM carried out a global overhaul of the unit's visual identity, which involved both a logo makeover and the creation of new graphic elements.

As part of this visual identity redesign, the objective was to assign a color to each of the departments of the unit and a different "texture" code for each research team. Based on different graphics in a unified style, this new identity makes it possible to visually associate the different research teams with each department and to ensure overall consistency in the ICGM's communication.

It also aims to meet the following needs:

  • Respond to the reorganization of the unit into departments.
  • Improve the visibility of the unit externally, especially when travelling in France and abroad, of the unit's personnel.
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging internally, by providing uniform documents and tools.
  • Download the icgm graphic charter


Iconographic elements initially made up the visual identity of the ICGM: a round font, circles symbolizing both molecules and working groups. Organized among themselves, these circles formed an arrow. The evolution proposed in this makeover partially takes up these elements, adding concepts and reinforcing the symbolism already in place.

The new ICGM logotype frees itself from its initial arrow, to refocus on the acronym. The circles fit into the font and establish continuity between the ICGM and the molecules. The circles become molecules and the letters describe their movements or trajectories. This new orientation gives a more focused representation on the missions of the ICGM and indicates that what unites the members of the ICGM are molecules, chemistry. For better harmony, the new logotype becomes ICGM instead of ICG + Montpellier.

Baseline ICGM

A baseline "Chemistry: from molecule to materials" in FR version and "Chemistry: molecules to materials" in EN version have also been designed to accompany the new ICGM logo.

They make it possible to position the unit accurately and quickly, in the research environment.

Graphic Charter of ICGM institutional institutions and partners

CNRS UM ENSCM MUSE Institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat CNRS

The CNRS adopts a visual identity composed of a logotype, a baseline entitled "beyond borders" and a graphic charter.

This identity, modernized at the end of 2018, aims to increase the visibility of the CNRS in France and internationally and to improve the coherence of its image.


The graphic charter of the University of Montpellier identifies a certain number of standards to be respected to guarantee integrity (rules of use of the logo, typographical codes, etc.). of the graphic universe of the establishment.

It aims to guarantee the visual coherence of the UM and must allow its various interlocutors and the general public to easily identify the establishment.


The graphic charter of the ENSCM is accessible directly online on the intranet of the website of the School of Chemistry


The Logo of the I-SITE Montpellier University of Excellence responds to a charter that defines its principles of use and possible variation.

Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute of Chemistry

The Association des Instituts Carnot offers a general graphic charter for the use of Carnot logotypes.

The use made of the logo of the Institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat must comply with this national charter.

In addition, a graphic color chart is also available for the Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute of Chemistry (ICCBC).