ICGM lab coats

The gown is mandatory when handling chemicals. Not only does it serve as protection against projections, but it also helps preserve the cleanliness of the wearer's clothing.

The ICGM invested 20k€ in the purchase of cotton blouses, with pressures, from XS to XXXXL, flocked to the colors of the institute.

These gowns are distributed to the permanent staff of the unit, as well as to non-permanent staff under contract (doctoral students and fixed-term contracts) who are required to work at benches. 2 gowns are allocated to each staff concerned.

Gown correspondents

Washing gowns

All departments have a dirty laundry bag. Your correspondent will tell you his location.

The launderer picks up the gowns on the last Thursday of the month and brings them back 15 days later.