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Solid state chemist, crystallographer, specialist in high pressures

I. By the way

Courses & Training Teachings & Responsibilities Courses & Training

1987-1989 Doctorate of philosophy (Ph. D) in Physical Chemistry from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Graduate Scholarship (Canada)

Thesis title: An Investigation of Order-Disorder Phase Transitions in Several Monocyclic Organic Compounds (thesis supervisor: D.F.R. Gilson) v. Has. Winkler Award 1989-1990 (best thesis in chemistry)

1990-1992 Postdoctoral fellowship

Laboratory of D. M. Adams, Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester (G.B.). Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (Canada)

1992 Research Fellow CR2 CNRS

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Materials (dir: B. Blanzat)

1996 Research Fellow CR1 CNRS

2001 Assigned to the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Condensed Matter (dir: J. C. Tedenac)

Research topics: Piezoelectric materials (quartz-a isotypes, PZT): structure-property relationships and stability of crystal structures as a function of composition, temperature and pressure.

2003 Habilitation to supervise research

Chemistry of materials, University of Montpellier II defended on June 10, 2003

Title : Silica and similar compounds : stability of crystal structures structure-property relations

2007 Assigned to the Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, UMR 5253 CNRS-UM2-ENSCM-UM1 (dir: F. Fajula)
Research topics: Oxide materials – structure/property relationships, structural stability, amorphization. Crystallographic studies of piezoelectric, ferroelectric, multiferroic, zeolite and nanocomposite materials as a function of composition, temperature and pressure by X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction

2008 Research Director DR2 CNRS       

2015 Research Director DR1 CNRS

Teachings & Responsibilities

Co-facilitator – Science and Technology Group of the High Pressures of Montpellier


Scientific Manager of the Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Service of the ICGM Analysis and Characterization Platform

Ii. Research activities

Zeolites under Pressure: Transitions, insertion, Nanocomposites

Phase transition in zeolite TON under pressure Insertion and dehydrocoupling of ammoniaborane in zeolite TON under high temperature pressure Nanocomposites TON-BN and MTW-BN High-pressure phase transition in the zeolite TON Insertion and dehydrocoupling of ammoniaborane in the zeolite TON Under pressure at high temperature TON-BN and MTW-BN nanocomposites

Research themes Collaborations & Contracts Research themes

Structural studies, phase transitions and structure−in situ properties relationships in pressure and temperature.

Development and studies of zeolite-based nanocomposites under pressure

Collaborations & Contracts

1) ANR ZEOLIGHT contract Prototype of UV LEDs based on boron nitride / zeolite composite for the production of white light (coordinator), 2020-2024 https://zeolight65.wixsite.com/anr-zeolight

2) ANR contract NanoBiPelt Composites of Bismuth nanowires / nanoporous silica for Peltier type applications (participant), 2020-2024

Iii. Scientific production