This competition aims to promote research results through an innovative technology developed in a research laboratory and that can lead to the creation of a startup with a strong competitive advantage to market the product or service identified.
The triptych Young Doctor – Public Research Laboratory – Technology Transfer Structure (STT) is a necessary condition for the eligibility of the project. The i-PhD competition aims to reward young Doctors, from the second year of their thesis or Doctors who have defended for less than three years by the deadline for submission of applications.
The expected projects are " Deeptech" projects that have not necessarily demonstrated their technological and/or commercial viability and that require significant support to arrive at a first proof of concept. The Technology Transfer Structure associated with the project provides financial support and its offer of accompaniment to enable the project to take this step through pre-maturation.
Projects without financial support are not eligible.

The deadline for applications is 22/03/2022.

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