Waste management

The management of chemical and biological waste is a major challenge for the Institute. Every day we produce large quantities of waste for which we are responsible until it is disposed of and/or reprocessed. Waste management encompasses both its collection, transport and treatment steps until its disposal or recovery.

What are the stakes?

  • environmental and health impact
  • Financial impact
  • immobilization of premises and agents

To limit the budget to 60k€ per year for the institute, it is essential that each agent scrupulously ensures to follow the procedure below.

Consult the FR procedure Consult the EN procedure

If you need to dispose of DTQD (Toxic Waste in Dispersed Quantities), please list them on the document downloadable here and contact your "waste" correspondent.

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Unit waste correspondents

Within the unit, the Waste Correspondent is present to inform you and help you assess how to dispose of waste.

Note: the waste correspondent is not in charge of waste.