Receipt of parcels and unloading dock

When the order you have placed on SILabo has arrived at the Balard unloading dock, you will receive an automatic email with the subject "Purchase request n°XXX available at the unloading dock"

You can then pick up your parcels at the logistics office of the unloading dock from Monday to Friday (unless prior notice or communication).

  • Between 8am and 9.30am in the morning
  • Between 2pm and 4pm in the afternoon

Please follow the instructions in the email concerning the delivery note.

The external telephone number is 04 48 79 22 07

The internal telephone number is 2 22 07

Meeting room reservations

The meeting rooms available for booking are as follows:

  • N1E13: 1stfloor – 10 seats
  • N2E14: 2ndfloor – 4 seats
  • N2K10: 2ndfloor – 10 seats
  • N4G08: 4thfloor – 20 seats
  • N4Z01: 4thfloor – 20 seats

To make the reservation, you must go to the address You must then log in ("login" button at the top right of the page) with your Fusion Directory username and password (the same as to access SILabo or the ICGM intranet).

All you have to do is choose the booking date by clicking on the desired day in the calendar at the top left of the screen and then click on the "+" sign on the chosen room. You will then arrive on a screen that will ask you for a brief description of the meeting, the start time of the meeting, the duration and the room chosen. Once you have filled in these fields and click on "save" (button at the bottom right of the screen), your reservation will appear on the main page.

You can also change or cancel this reservation by clicking on it on the main page.

Regarding the reservation of the Balard amphitheater, it is done only on paper via the calendar affixed to the door of the amphitheater.