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I. By the way

Courses & Training Teachings & Responsibilities Courses & Training Engineering National School of Chemistry of Paris (1993) PhD in Materials Science, University of Paris VI (1998) CNRS Research Fellow (2001) Habilitation to Supervise Research, University of Orléans (2006) Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Paris 1-CNED (2017) CNRS Research Director (2018) Teaching & Responsibilities Part to be completed by the scientist

Ii. Research activities
Title of the visual presented (flagship publication or other research)

Brief description of the visual. Research topics Collaborations & Contracts Research themes Interactions between organic and inorganic components in textured and/or hybrid materials (studies and syntheses)

  • Nano-structured hybrid materials
    • Polysaccharide-oxide nano-composites by self-assembly (syntheses, properties, applications)
    • Textures and morphologies by Sol-Gel processes (atomization-drying, electro-printing, …)
  • Order and disorder in zeolites
    • Chemical order and distribution of heteroelements in zeolites with complex topology
    • Role of organic structural agents
    • Experimental and theoretical approaches
  • NMR characterization of organic-inorganic interfaces and mesophases
    • Intermolecular interactions, conformations and dynamics by 14N and 13C NMR
    • Studies at different scales of materials textured by 1H NMR
    • Multinuclear NMR characterization of nano-structured materials (zeolites, mesoporous, hybrids)

Collaborations & Contracts External collaborations:

  • CEMHTI, Orleans, France (D. Massiot, F. Fayon, P. Florian, V. Sarou-Kanian, E. Veron)
  • LCPQ, Toulouse, France (J. Cuny)
  • L2C, Montpellier, France (J.L. Bantignies)
  • Qualisud, Montpellier, France (L. Vachoud)
  • TU Graz, Austria (G. Trimmel)
  • Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, Morocco (A. El-Kadib)
Iii. Scientific production