Chemicals Database

BDD WG (Database Working Group): 1 time per month.

  • ICGM Representatives: F. Boyrie, B. Fraisse, J. Vezzani, C. Dorandeu and P. Guiffrey
  • IBMM Representatives: F. Raussin and L. Brunel


  • Free online database
  • Developed in Orsay by N. Rabasso
  • Software modifications for ICGM/IBMM adaptation
Access the ICGM chemical library
At the ICGM
  • Deployed since September 2019
  • 14 laboratories and referents
  • 5 printers for labeling
  • Writing a user manual
  • Training for referents: 2 sessions to come
  • Tools to train users (distributed during the referent training)
  • Search by name, structure, CAS number, lab reference or location
  • 11,000 product sheets and 25,000 containers
  • Management of inter- and intra-laboratory borrowings
  • Order and history management with store access Writing a user manual
  • Prevention tab (waste management, deuterated products, CMR…)
Short-term goals
  • Harmonization of tools
  • Comprehensive inventory by "team" of products
  • One-input and one-output validation circuit
Medium-term objectives
  • ICPE thresholds: Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment
  • FIE : Individual exhibition sheet
  • Inventory reduction and organization
  • Order management