The 1st Interdisciplinary Congress on the Circular Economy, in which our colleagues Armelle Ouali, Nicolas Brun and Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes from the Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier (ICGM) are involved, will take place at the Institut Montpellier Management (Espace Richter, rue Vendémiaire) in Montpellier on June 26 and 27, 2024.

Supported by the Association Interdisciplinaire Française pour la Recherche en Économie Circulaire (AIFREC) and the Circulades consortium of researchers, CIEC-2024 is positioned as the French-speaking meeting of researchers in the humanities and social sciences, material sciences, technological and environmental sciences around the Circular Economy.

This scientific congress will highlight the interdisciplinary nature of research into the supply of economic players, consumer demand and behavior, and the management and transformation of waste and resources. It will also be an opportunity to present how research can conceptualize and model the circular economy to make it a real driver of change.

The deadline for abstracts is January 31, 2024.

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1st Interdisciplinary Congress on the Circular Economy