A Host-West Zeolite Day will be held on September 17, 2024 in the Balard Amphitheatre on the Balard Research Campus.

Organized by our colleagues Julien Haines and Bruno Alonso from the Chemistry of Materials, Nanostructures, Materials for Energy department (D4), and by Tzonka Mineva from the Physical Chemistry, Theory and Modeling department (D5), this symposium will focus on the study of host-guest zeolite materials, and in particular the interactions between porous structures (mainly zeolites) and inserted compounds (molecules, polymers, inorganic compounds) as well as the associated properties (thermal, mechanical, optical and electronic).

Methods of synthesis, characterization at different spatial scales and modeling will be considered. These themes – less developed than the traditional properties of zeolites (reactivity, adsorption) – are the subject of new research that the symposium also seeks to promote.

Registration is now open and is free of charge until July 1, 2024.

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Host-Guest Zeolite Conference // September 17, 2024