Hospitality request

In order to facilitate the flow of information and documents when welcoming new people to the ICGM, an application for hospitality requests is now available at The use of this application is mandatory for any reception within the ICGM, regardless of the status of the person welcomed.

The "Request for reception" tool allows you to manage the reception of staff but also their departure from our structure as well as the possible extension of their contract, in particular thanks to the different statuses of the request that you can see on your monitoring table.

You will find by clicking on the first link below the modus operandi of the application "Request for reception" and, by clicking on the second link you will find the summary table of the different statuses of the requests for reception and what they indicate exactly.

Consult the procedure Request for reception

Consult the statutes in Request for hospitality

Creation and management of the SILabo password / Directory management

Fusion Directory is CIGM's directory management tool. Thanks to an identification by login and password, it is also the tool that allows you to connect to the ICGM intranet and access information (minutes of meetings, ICGM Info letters, selection of calls for research projects, …) and services such as office door plate layout, email signature editing and online purchase requests as well as greeting requests.

In order to create your password, you will need to go to the address and click on "I lost my password". You will then type your institutional email address on which you will be sent a link allowing you to create your password.

The identifier is provided to you during your physical reception with Cathy Andreux on the form "Information sheet – new entrant".

You can at any time change your password in the same way you created the first one. You can also add your photo or mobile phone number to your profile by going again to the address with your username and password and clicking on Users. By clicking on the "Edit" button at the bottom right, you can change, add or remove certain information (Be careful, however, not all information can be modified). All you have to do is click OK (bottom right) to confirm these changes.

For any problem or erroneous information, you can contact Audrey Lair.

ICGM mailing lists

The ICGM mailing lists are centrally managed by the ICGM. They are automatically fed when the new entrant takes office and only include institutional/professional email addresses. Addresses are also automatically removed when the person leaves.

For any problem or erroneous information, you can contact Audrey Lair.