Lucas Mele has just been awarded the Dina SURDIN Prize by the SCF Division de Chimie Organique (DCO) for his thesis work carried out at ICGM Montpellier under the supervision of our colleagues David Virieux and Tahar Ayad.

Lucas carried out his research on the synthesis and use of phosphorus heterocycles in two distinct fields: in medicinal chemistry, through the development of new “neutralʺ phosphorus agonists for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases; and in PIII/PV redox organocatalysis, exploring new catalysts with a phosphorus atom as bridgehead.

After defending his thesis in October 2023, Lucas joined Dr. Josep Cornella’s team at the Max Planck Institut fur Kohlenforschung, where he is interested in bismuth-catalyzed C-N bond formation.

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Lucas Mèle wins the Dina SURDIN Award from the SCF Organic Chemistry Division